Please join us Sunday, November 30th at 2 pm as we kickoff the "No Open House on Stolen Land" Campaign



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What is it:

Members of Peace Action Montgomery have joined a national campaign to peacefully voice our collective concerns to RE/MAX which has a branch in Israel that sells and rents homes in Jewish-only settlements within the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.


There will be a vigil/protest at the Olney RE/MAX location (3300 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd, Olney, MD 20832) located at the corner of Route 108 and Georgia Avenue.


In late October, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to add over 1,000 new Jewish-only homes in Occupied East Jerusalem.

In response to this announcement, UN Special Rapporteur, Richard Falk noted that such actions were "international crimes" and called out two companies that he deemed complicit in the proliferation of Israeli settlements, one being RE/MAX (http://bit.ly/15nqW3V).

You can read more here, on the Mondeweiss Web site.

How else can I help:

Sign the letter that will be sent to the local RE/MAX office about our concerns. It will also place you on our email list which will announce future vigil/protests.

Because the Israel-Palestine issue is of such concern to peace in the world, Peace Action Montgomery has organized a sub-committee devoted to these concerns. If you would like to be a member of this subcommittee, please contact Susan below.


Please contact Susan at skerin1@msn.com or 301-675-9518 if you would like any additional information.


RE/MAX Listing for property in the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Adumin.






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  • Tzadik Vanderhoof
    I’m glad a friend sent this to me…. I will send an email to Re/Max telling them to ignore all you anti-Semites and be sure to tell all my friends in Israel to use Re/Max for all their housing needs to show their support
  • Smshah
    Yes I feel great when we can do the least to make world a better place for all, peace is possible