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  • Chuck Woolery
    Human Rights Day is Dec. 10th. We will be having a panel of speakers at Mont. College that evening focusing on human rights, Syria and global security. We hope you will join with us as a sponsor and perhaps a speaker if you have one who can focus on violation of human rights in Syria.
  • Nancy Pace
    Jean, have you considered talking with Colman McCarthy (former editorial writer for the Washington Post—and peace activist) about writing a monthly editorial for them? You write beautifully, and would make such a difference. Your blog postings are good examples of what I think they would publish. They really do need a peaceful voice to balance out all their adversarial/militaristic ones, and would be seen as more objective (by awards committees/Pulitzer Prizes, etc.) as well as some writers and readers. I think they would welcome you. (They would also like the fact that you sometimes write on regional topics, as you did on your breaking story about support in Mont. County for the violence industry. You have a lot of friends who would be happy to discuss/review your contributions as requested…. And if you don’t have time, I understand—you already do so much good work. Kindest regards, Nancy Pace