Iran Deal Actions

Peace Action Montgomery's Actions in Support of the Iran Agreement

We are extremely relieved that the Iran nuclear agreement has gone into effect, in large measure due to the effective organizing work of many people around the country. One less catastrophic war . . .

However, we need to remain vigilant as the back door approach to killing the deal in Congress remains a serious threat, one that is being led by Sen. Ben Cardin.

Peace Action Montgomery, in partnership with coalition partners, organized several actions designed to pressure our Congressional representatives on the deal.   

In late August and early September, in collaboration with coalition partners, we organized four events to express our support for the Iran accord:

  • A visit to Sen. Cardin's office in Rockville on Aug. 20
  • Protests of Sen. Cardin's position on the accord at the Labor Day parades in Kensington and Gaithersburg, Sept. 7
  • A vigil at the Gaithersburg office of Rep. John Delaney, Sept. 10


Pictures from these events are posted below.

Aug. 20, Cardin's Office

Twenty-eight of us visited Sen. Cardin's Rockville regional office at noon.  We met with his aide, Ken Reichard, and had an opportunity to strongly express our support for the Iran deal. Here's the Montgomery Sentinel story on our visit, and here is the Baltimore television story.  See a few photos of our visit below!




 Cardin_Gina.jpg       Cardin_Mayers.jpg

































Here are some pictures from Labor Day, protesting Sen. Cardin's opposition to the Iran deal:













9-7-15_Gaithersburg2.JPG   9-7-15_Kensington2.JPGAnd this is a picture from our vigil outside Rep. John Delaney's office on Sept. 10, where we had about 20 people participate:



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