Our organization:

We work for peace by building people power at the local level, in Montgomery County, MD.  Anyone can join Peace Action Montgomery.  Our activities depend on the dedication and hard work of our membership.  Please help us–we need your energy, time, commitment and ideas.

We believe that:  DSCN2552.JPG

War is not a suitable response to conflict.

America has the resources to both protect and provide for its citizens.

Ordinary people can change the world.


Our goals:

Peaceful U.S. Foreign Relations

  • An end to current U.S.-led and U.S.-funded military occupations
  • Prevention of future wars
  • Reparations and developmental aid for victims

A Peace Economy at Home  audience.jpg

  • Reduced military spending and an end to war profiteering
  • Restrictions on military recruitment in schools, replaced by real economic opportunities for youth
  • Generous benefits for veterans

Peace through Human Rights and International Cooperation

  • Robust international diplomacy
  • Protection of civil and human rights, including an end to torture
  • Full, independent investigations of violations to the rule of law

Our means

To achieve peace with justice, we:  Group2.jpg

  • Engage in on-the-streets activism
  • Sponsor educational events for the public
  • Inform citizens about their electoral choices by highlighting candidates’ stances on issues relating to peace
  • Pressure our elected officials to vote against war and for policies to make our world a safer, more peaceful place

Peace Action Montgomery has organized demonstrations, hosted meetings on peace topics, lobbied our congressional representatives, informed the community about peace issues, and sponsored and helped pass important peace legislation. Click here for more information about some of our past accomplishments.

We are currently involved in several campaigns related to a variety of issues. A more peaceful, just world is possible…and must be actively sought. Won’t you join us?


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