Who Will You Vote for in the Primary?

Early voting in Maryland begins on April 14, and in our state, the primary is often the most important election. We know that you want to vote for the candidates that support peace, as well as other important progressive issues. So, we joined with the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC) to develop and distribute a questionnaire asking candidates for Senate and for Representative to provide their views on issues of importance to the members of our two organizations. 

The answers are very interesting! For example, 90% of the candidates who responded to the questionnaire oppose drone attacks and 80% want to reduce military spending.  All the responding candidates oppose government surveillance of First Amendment-protected activity, and 91% support legislation to prevent police abuses. Fifty-five percent of the candidates support reducing military aid to Israel until it stops illegal activities in the Occupied Territories.

We encourage you to review the results carefully as you make your decision on whom to vote for.  You can find a table that compares the answers to all the questions here, along with links to each candidate's answers to all the questions. Many candidates provided comprehensive and thoughtful answers to each of the questions.

Please review the questionnaire results and use it for your voting!

Our Campaign on Syrian Refugees 


This is unacceptable. Thousands of families are fleeing Syria and Iraq to escape violence and death, a direct outgrowth of our illegal and horribly destructive war on Iraq.  These people need protection, not hate speech directed at them and laws passed to keep them out of our country. We can and must do more to help and to push back against the hatred. To that end, we have formed a working group called “Maryland Welcomes Refugees.” If you are interested in getting involved, let us know. Check out the new Website focused on our political efforts in Maryland to open the door to people in need.


Resources and friends: We work closely with national, state and county-based peace and justice groups. Here are some of those with whom we collaborate.