Hall of Fame/Shame for Corporate Welfare Bill

As you may have heard, our representatives in the Maryland General Assembly have given Northrop Grumann a $37.5 million tax break.   This is in addition to a $20 million loan/gift that Governor Hogan gave Northrop Grumman earlier this year.

Several articles, including this recent editorial in the Washington Post by Senator Paul Pinsky, note that the tax break Northrup Grumman received provides nothing in return (e.g., a commitment to provide more jobs).  In testimony, Northrop Grumman’s lobbyist whined that other firms, like Lockheed Martin and Boeing, were getting lucrative tax cuts that they weren’t getting.  So, pony up, Maryland!

Some Montgomery County senators and delegates supported the legislation, while others opposed it.  Peace Action Montgomery is providing a Hall of Fame/Shame list so that you know how your representatives voted.  We encourage you to let them know how you feel about giving millions of our taxpayer dollars to a for-profit military contractor that boasts annual revenues of $10.3 billion.

Emails for your elected officials, can be found here. If you don’t know who your senator and delegates are, click here. If they don’t hear from us, they will do it again.

Hall of Fame

The following Montgomery County representatives served on the committee that drafted the legislation, but they voted against it in committee and on the floor:

Senators Rich Madaleno and Roger Manno
Delegate Andrew Platt

Honorable Mention

The following representatives voted against the bill when it came to the Senate/Delegate Floor:

Senator Jamie Raskin
Delegates: Kumar Barve, Charles Barkley, Al Carr, Bonnie Cullison, David Fraser-Hidalgo, William Frick, James Gilchrist, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Ariana Kelly, Marc Korman, Ben Kramer, Marice Morales, Aruna Miller, David Moon, Pamela, Queen, Kirill Reznik, Shane Robinson, Will Smith and Jeff Waldstreicher
You Decide

Delegate Eric Luedtke served on the committee and voted against the bill there. But when the bill went to the House floor, he changed his position and voted for it.

Hall of Shame

The following representatives served on the committee that passed the legislation and voted to support it both in the committee and on the Senate/Delegate Floor:

Senator Nancy King
Delegate Sheila Hixson

Dishonorable Mentions

The following representatives voted for the bill when it came to the Senate/Delegate Floor:

Senators:  Craig Zucker, Brian Feldman, Susan Lee and Cheryl Kagan
Delegates: Kathleen Dumais and Anne Kaiser
Please contact your senator and delegates and let them know how you feel about their vote!
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